Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars Game Isn't Coming For a Couple More Years

Electronic Arts held their annual earnings call a bit earlier today, reporting stronger-than-usual [...]

Respawn Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts held their annual earnings call a bit earlier today, reporting stronger-than-usual sales of games, and some strong performers in the bunch. However, in the midst of that call, we've also gotten a pretty good idea of when we can expect the next Star Wars game from the company. (At least, as far as confirmed developments go – you never know when they might announce something by surprise.)

The company re-confirmed that Respawn Entertainment, the team behind the Titanfall series, was still hard at work on a Star Wars project, but some information indicates that we probably won't see it for a couple more years.

Geoff Keighley, who serves as host and producer of The Game Awards, recently took to Twitter to repeat this information. "On earnings call, EA says @Respawn Star Wars action game will likely drop in Fiscal 2020, meaning by March 2020."

The only other Star Wars games in production at the moment are the first-person adventure that was in development at Visceral Games, but has since shifted to another studio following their surprising closure last year; and BioWare's project, which is still deep within development. It's unlikely we'll see a new Star Wars game this year, unless EA has a surprise up its sleeve.

While we're a bit bummed that we won't see Respawn's Star Wars game for a while, it's nice that it's still in the works, and promises to be just as action-packed as 2016's award-winning Titanfall 2. And it leaves us wondering just what we'll see from it – huge AT-AT and AT-ST battles? First-person shooting? Perhaps something along the lines of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with co-op elements? Hey, your guess is as good as ours, but considering how hard the team works on its games, we're probably going to like what we see.

We'll keep you informed in terms of what EA has planned next for Star Wars. It's still knee deep in new content for Battlefront II, so there's that for the time being. But, yeah, we'd be thrilled to see something new – and not in a couple of years' time, for that matter.