Retro-Bit Showcasing Sega Genesis, Saturn Controllers This Week At Gamescom

Sega 2

Late last year, we reported the news that Retro-Bit was partnering with Sega to produce a line-up of items based around the company's Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast game systems. While we're still waiting to see if if it'll be working on anything in regards to console redesigns, we will, at the very least, get a new peek at some upcoming peripherals this week at Gamescom.

SegaBits recently reported that the company has a full line-up of Genesis and Saturn goods set for the Germany-based event this week, including USB powered items that will make it easy for fans to feel the old-school goodness in games again. There's no word on Dreamcast peripherals just yet, as the company is likely working on something that will get the VMU technology up and running just the right way. But two consoles out of three certainly isn't bad.

Retro-Bit previously showed off early models of these controllers at the CES event earlier this year, and got some warm reception as a result. This week, however, will provide a much bigger showcase. Here's what's to be expected at the company's booth, located at the Game Outlet Booth #041 in Hall 04.2 at the Koelnmesse Convention Center:

  • Genesis Wired 6-Button Original Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue)
  • Genesis Wired 8-Button USB Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue)
  • Genesis Bluetooth Controller (Black)
  • Genesis Bluetooth Receiver
  • Megadrive Wired 6-Button Original Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue)
  • Megadrive Wired 8-Button USB Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue)
  • Megadrive Bluetooth Controller (Black)
  • Megadrive Bluetooth Receiver
  • Saturn Wired Original Port Controller (Black, Slate Grey)
  • Saturn Wired USB Port Controller (Black, Slate Grey)
  • Saturn Bluetooth Controller (Black)
  • Saturn Bluetooth Receiver

Unfortunately, pricing and release dates haven't been given for these peripherals just yet. However, maybe we'll learn something more within the next few days, including a potential release schedule. We might also learn about what's to come with the Dreamcast peripherals as well as, fingers crossed, some hardware related news. Because if there's ever been a system we've wanted to get our hands on again, it's either the Saturn or Dreamcast. (Aw, hey, we're greedy, we'll take both, along with a new Genesis model.)


We'll see what Retro-Bit has up its sleeve, but one thing's for sure -- the retro scene is coming back, and better than ever!

(Hat tip to SegaBits for the scoop!)