Returnal DLC Potentially Teased by Housemarque

Developer Housemarque seems like it could be teasing the announcement of new downloadable content associated with its popular roguelike shooter Returnal. Since releasing earlier this year, Housemarque has released a number of free updates for Returnal, but it has yet to announce any fully-new content for the game that would require players to buy it. Luckily, for those holding out for DLC, it seems like Housemarque could have some news to share in the near future. 

Taking to Twitter today, Housemarque shared a new tweet associated with Returnal that made many fans raise their eyebrows. The tweet in question contained a mysterious new image that wasn't familiar to many, leading some to believe that this could be a glimpse of some new content. The studio then added the caption, "Atropos...?" which seemed to imply that this locale might not be the same one that the base game takes place within. 

It's worth noting that if Housemarque is teasing a new announcement associated with Returnal, now would definitely be the time to do so. In early December, The Game Awards are set to take place. And while this event is one that focuses on honoring the best games of the year with a number of different honors, it also is a place where numerous announcements are often made by many video game developers and publishers. As such, it stands to reason that Housemarque could have a new reveal of some sort related to Returnal to make when the show occurs. 

For now, Returnal on its own remains one of the few exclusive games that is solely available to pick up on the PlayStation 5. And if you have been holding off on grabbing Returnal for yourself in recent months, now might finally be a good time to buy the game as its currently on sale at numerous storefronts as part of Black Friday.

If Housemarque is developing DLC of some sort for Returnal, would you look to pick it up for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.