New Returnal Trailer Focuses on Hostile Enemies

Housemarque’s Returnal got a new trailer on Wednesday just a few weeks ahead of the game’s release to show off more of the unique kinds of enemies players will be up against. We’ve seen several previews of Returnal and its features in the past, but this one might be one of the more convincing ones if you’ve been waiting to see what you’re up against. At least six different creatures were featured with some info shared about a few of them while some are much more cryptic than others.

The Returnal creatures were introduced through a database of sorts that catalogued different encounters with the entities and had information on what they’re capable of. Some of the creatures’ tactics are more about hindering players by slowing down movement speed, some are huge brutes that charge at players, and others will attempt to ambush you on your quest. Two creatures in the trailer, and Ixion and the Infected Scout, had no information shared in their

Descriptions of each of the known creatures so far can be found below with gameplay associated with each one found in the video.

Returnal Creatures

  • Mycomorph – A large fungus-like entity that can launch its own spores which slows down target’s movement.
  • Titanops – Moves fast by lunging and jumping to get into range where it can maim its target with its bladed limb.
  • Automaton – In addition to the rapidly firing guns, can use its claws to lash at the target or grab them.
  • Gorgolith – An ambush predator that lies under the sand. Can use its tail or tongue to lash at its target.
  • Ixion – [Not Found]
  • Infected Scout – [Not Found]

Returnal would’ve been out by now had it not been delayed out of March and into April, but it’s at least on track to release at the end of the month now that it’s gone gold. It’ll launch on April 30th, and it’ll be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5.