Rocket League Anniversary Event Brings Back Fan-Favorite Modes

It's time again for another Rocket League anniversary which means players have another event coming their way once more. This year, the "Birthday Ball" event entails the return of two different modes that are often regarded as some fan-favorites within the community: Heatseeker and Knockout. Those limited-time modes will be staggered throughout the duration of the event which is scheduled to go live on July 6th with other incentives to play like challenges and rewards live at the same time.

To set the stage for the new event, Psyonix dropped the trailer below this week that goes over everything that's included in the Birthday Ball bash. A preview of each of the limited-time modes can be found below, too, in case you haven't seen them in a while or if this is your first time ever playing them.


  • Jump into a chaotic match of 2v2 Heatseeker and go head-to-head July 6 – 13. This crowd-favorite LTM gives the ball special homing abilities, so it will always gravitate towards your opponent's goal.


  • Knockout returns July 13 – 19! Use the unique Attack, Block, and Grab mechanics to fling players out of the Quadron, Carbon, and Calavera Arenas. If you need a refresher, here's a quick run-through. Just remember, the last car standing wins.

A couple of challenges that have not yet been detailed will be available during this event as well. Completing them will net players things like a banner, an avatar border, an Import Item Drop, a ton of experience, and 300 Credits. There will naturally be some new items in the game's item shop as well including two new golden ones for those who want to do some shopping. The final incentive Psyonix listed was the Golden Eggs that'll be available for the duration of the event and will give players a shot at earning unique items from past Championship Series.

Rocket League's Birthday Ball event is scheduled to start on July 6th and will run from then until July 19th with the different game modes live throughout the different times listed previously.