'Rocket League' Is Adding Challenges in the Next Rocket Pass

Psyonix is adding Challenges to Rocket League soon that’ll give players a way to rank up quicker through the Rocket Pass. These Challenges will be available in both the free and premium versions of the Rocket Pass, though those who have the premium version of the pass will have more challenges at their disposal. Completing these Challenges will award players with Tier Points that let them progress through the pass’ tiers quicker, and new challenges will cycle out every week.

Rocket League’s site for the game’s third Rocket Pass shared more details on the Challenges and how they’ll work when Rocket Pass 3 begins on April 17th. An FAQ that addressed different Rocket Pass-related questions confirmed that there’d be three Challenges each week for those who are climbing through the free version of the Rocket Pass, but Rocket Pass Premium holders will have six in total.

“New in-game challenges will be revealed each week during Rocket Pass,” Psyonix’s breakdown of the Rocket Pass Challenges explained. “There will be three weekly Challenges for everyone each week, plus three additional challenges for those with Rocket Pass Premium access. Completing Challenges will grant Tier Points so that players can tier-up even faster!”

Some examples of these Challenges were also listed in the Rocket Pass 3 page that might just be the first of the tasks players will have to accomplish when the next Rocket Pass releases. Each of those Challenges can be found below:

  • Keeping It Casual: Get 5 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Casual Online Matches
  • Jumping with the Shark: Play 10 Online Matches with the Hammerhead Topper
  • New Ride: Play an Online Match with the Guardian Battle-Car

Once the new week starts, Challenges will be swapped out for new tasks, but completing the Premium Challenges prior to owning the Premium Rocket Pass will give players the chance to earn rewards retroactively.

“Challenges are specific to each week, and will have to be completed during the week in which they are active,” the post explained. “If you complete a Premium challenge prior to purchasing Rocket Pass Premium, you will receive the reward for completing the Challenge once Rocket Pass Premium is purchased. You will not be able to complete challenges from past weeks.”

Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 3 is scheduled to start on April 17th.



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