'Rocket League' Holiday Sale Discounts Game and DLC

Psyonix announced a holiday sale for Rocket League and the game’s many DLC items that took half [...]

Psyonix announced a holiday sale for Rocket League and the game's many DLC items that took half the price off different bundles and the game itself.

Announced on Saturday, the holiday sale doesn't appear to have an end date, but it does give a steep discount on all kinds of Rocket League DLC including different individual cars and even Jurassic World-themed car packs. Music is also on sale including the "Rocket League x Monstercat" volumes one through five as well as the game's official soundtracks. All of these items are half-off with many of them costing only a dollar during the sale, and the list of DLC items found via the game's Steam page can be seen below.

Rocket League DLC
(Photo: Steam)

The game itself is also half-off as well to take more off of the already low price. It normally costs $19.99 but is only $9.99 for the base game during the holiday event. That means that if someone wanted to buy the game itself and every DLC item that's available right now through the Steam store, they could do so for just $50.71, around $10 less than what people would pay when buying a new full-priced game.

Keys won't be included in this sale though, according to the Rocket League Help Twitter account. The account replied to a player asking about the Keys that are used to open Crates and said it the items wouldn't be sold at a discount.

"Hey there! Please note that Keys will not be a part of this holiday sale," the Rocket League Help account said. "We will take this as feedback, however, and appreciate you for sharing it!"

Psyonix's holiday sale is just part of its festive events that it's announced for Rocket League though with the Frosty Fest event currently underway, an event where players can unlock new winter-themed gear for themselves and their vehicles. Toppers, antennas, decals, trails, wheels, and other items are all included in the event that started on December 17th and is scheduled to end on January 7th, some of those items featured in the trailer below released prior to the event's start date.

Rocket League's holiday sale is live now with no end date provided.