Rocket League Reveals New Item Shop Coming to the Game

Earlier this year when Psyonix announced it was removing Loot Boxes from the game, it also [...]

Earlier this year when Psyonix announced it was removing Loot Boxes from the game, it also revealed an Item Shop -- separate from the eSports Item Shop -- was coming to the game later in the year. Fast-forward, and now the Epic Games-owned developer has revealed a closer look at said item shop. Coming in the big December update, the new store is pitched as "an all-new way to browse in-game items to buy the exact item you've been looking for."

For starters, the Showroom is getting tossed out to make room for the new item shop, which is simply called the Item Shop. Accessible from main the menu, it will work like most item shops in games. There will be featured items on a 48-hour timer, in addition to Daily Items on a 24-hour timer that will attempt to get you to log into the game everyday. Once these timers expire, new items are cycled in. As for the items themselves, Psyonix says all types of in-game items will be included, from Painted Cars to Exotic Wheels.

Of course, these items will cost credits, and of course the cooler and more rare items will cost more. That said, there's no surprises. Not only do you get to see the items before purchase, you'll be able to know if that item is Painted, Certified, and/or a special variant. It will all be made clear, promises the developer.

As announced earlier this year, Keys in your inventory come the December update will be converted into credits. Each key will be worth 100 credits, which can be used in not only the item shop, but to build items from Blueprints, or even to upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium. As for credits, they are available in Rocket Pass Premium, and can be purchased at the following rates:

  • 500 Credits - $4.99 USD or region equivalent
  • 1100 Credits - $9.99 USD or regional equivalent
  • 3000 Credits - $24.99 USD or regional equivalent
  • 6500 Credits - $49.99 USD or regional equivalent

With the showroom going, access to purchase all Premium DLC Packs will be gone. However, if you already bought these packs you will be able to keep the items. That said, while these items via packs won't be available to purchase anymore, they could resurface in the Item Shop at some point.

Rocket League is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.