Psyonix Looking For Player Help With Updating Rocket League Default Music

Rocket League has been met with incredible fan feedback since launch, and the lovable soccer video [...]


Rocket League has been met with incredible fan feedback since launch, and the lovable soccer video game is looking to be even better come 2018! The developers behind the beloved rocket-powered title are looking at revamping their tunes and they are wanting the help of their players to do just that.

Psyonix Studios took to Twitter to poll their top four picks when they update their default menu music. There are three days left to cast your vote, with the poll ending on Wednesday the 17th!

If you need a little help deciding, they followed up their poll with a different tweet with links to all four tracks so you can give them a listen on Spotify:

At the time this article was written, Breathing Underwater was tied with Solar Eclipses at 27%, with Don't Stop the Party and Firework tied at 23%. It's definitely a close race, with just under 37,000 votes to the tally thus far. It's a neat way to get the community involved in the more fun aspects of game updates. As for what else 2018 may bring, we can't wait to see what else Rocket League has in store.

Rocket League is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. For more about the game:

Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based sequel to the beloved arena classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!

A futuristic Sports-Action game, Rocket League, equips players with booster-rigged vehicles that can be crashed into balls for incredible goals or epic saves across multiple, highly-detailed arenas. Using an advanced physics system to simulate realistic interactions, Rocket League relies on mass and momentum to give players a complete sense of intuitive control in this unbelievable, high-octane re-imagining of association football.