Rocket League Partners With Twitch To Introduce Fan Rewards

Rocket League
(Photo: Rocket League)

If you're planning on watching the Rocket League Championship Series over the next few days and you're already active in the goal-scoring and loot-trading community, you'll soon be able to cash in on some special Rocket League gear thanks to a partnership between the game and Twitch.

Announced on Thursday, Rocket League developer Psyonix said that they have partnered with Twitch to promote the streaming of their esports scene, the Rocket League Championship Series. The Series is currently in its third season and will be broadcast via Twitch from June 2-4. The Fan Rewards program is Psyonix's way of rewarding those people who not only play the game but also add to the growing viewership that watches and attends professional events.

Free stuff is always welcome, and Rocket League loot is certainly nothing to scoff at. The accessories of varying rarity in the game offer complete customization of cars to the point that no two look alike, so having the chance to stand apart from competitors even more makes the loot even more attractive.

The loot being distributed spans a couple of different accessory categories to make sure the options are well-rounded. Pictured above, the potential loot that players can look to pick up during the championship series includes:

  • Hustle Brows Topper
  • Mount Champion Topper
  • Apex Wheels
  • Ninja Wheels
  • Helios Boost
  • Official RLCS Decals for all Breakout, Dominus, and Octane body variants

All you have to do to receive these rewards throughout the championship series is link up your Twitch account to the Rocket League Fan Rewards page. The page is pretty simple to navigate once you get there; just hit the login button, link the account, and you're good to go. Up to three platform accounts can be linked, but only one can be set as the preferred account to be eligible for the rewards, so make sure you pay attention to which one you select.

After linking the account, just watch the RLCS in order to receive the limited drops. The only bad part about the deal is that not every viewer is guaranteed to get a drop, so if you're doing it just for the loot, it might not be worth the multi-day commitment. Those who keep watching have a greater chance to earn multiple drops, so you could always just turn it on in the background to increase your odds. But watching Rocket League pros duke it out in the arena truly is an impressive sight, so it's definitely worth checking out to pick up some loot and maybe even learn some tricks.

The RLCS will take place from June 2-4, and the full schedule can be found via the Rocket League esports site.