'Rocket League' Reveals Rocket Pass 2 Start Date and Contents

Rocket League's second Rocket Pass contents have been revealed with Rocket Pass 2 beginning on December 10th.

The start of the second Rocket Pass follows the end of Psyonix's first foray into the pass formula of having players unlock customization items by advancing through tiers which gate the items. Like other passes such as Fortnite's Battle Pass, there's a paid option and a free avenue to get the items with the former obviously being more lucrative for those looking for the most rewards.

Rocket League's newest trailer for the second Rocket Pass accompanied a blog post with more details about the contents of the pass and how players can obtain them. Rocket Pass 2 kicks off on December 10th and is scheduled to end on March 18th, and the Rocket Pass site has now been updated with a full list of all the premium items players can earn through the paid Rocket Pass 2 option.

With the first pass ending not long ago, Psyonix appears to have been evaluating players' feedback about the system since the recent pass was the game's first attempt at the feature. In light of that feedback, Psyonix has made a few changes in Rocket Pass 2.

"We listened to your feedback about the first Rocket Pass and (as a result) have now increased the variety of items found in the Premium track," Psyonix said. "Additionally, items in the Premium Upgrade path are no longer tradeable for Tiers 1 thru 70, but 'Pro Tier' items (i.e. Tier 71 and above) and Free items CAN still be traded. We have also changed Pro Tier behavior so that they will ALWAYS drop as a 'Painted' item, while still carrying a 25% chance to drop as a 'Certified' item. Moreover, we've increased the base experience you earn from matches by 40% so that you can reach Pro Tiers faster and increased the weekly match maximum from 14 to 21."


There's also a new type of customization item that's been added to some of the Pro Tier unlockables, the items that players get by reaching certain tiers. "Special Edition" items will rework an existing item into an alternate version, Psyonix said, an example of that seen in the screenshot above. Psyonix added that several of the wheels unlocked through Pro Tiers in Rocket Pass 2 have the possibility of supporting the Special Edition attribute with there being a 25 percent chance to get that edition as opposed to the normal version.

Rocket League's new Rocket Pass 2 is scheduled to start on December 10th and will run until March 18th.