Rocket League's Rocket Pass Planned for August Launch

Rocket League's optional progression system called the Rocket Pass is scheduled to be out by the end of August, Psyonix announced.

The Rocket Pass was announced last month with the game's developers saying that they were hoping for a release sometime during the summer, and in a more recent update, the timeframe was further refined to say that the team hopes to have the Rocket Pass available in August. In a post about the game's next big update that's called Zephyr, the Rocket League developers hinted at the future of both Rocket Pass and the game's progression system.

"'What's up with Rocket Pass and the new progression system?' is likely your next question!" the Rocket League announcement said. "Both are still on track as outlined in our Summer Roadmap. We still plan to include them in an update before the end of August, so stayed tuned for more information in the coming weeks."

If you've seen Fortnite's Battle Pass or similar projects such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Event Pass, you'll have an idea of what the Rocket Pass does. The announcement for the feature said that it'll be a time-limited progression system with several Rocket Passes hoped to be released each year. It's available in both a paid and free form as well with the $9.99 option allowing players to unlock even more content like car bodies, keys, and other cosmetics. Experience boosts will also be awarded to further your Rocket Pass progression, but if you don't want to pay anything, you can take advantage of the free Rocket Pass that comes with customization items, banners, titles, and Decryptors.

The Rocket Pass isn't limited to any particular platform, so anyone who plays Rocket League can access both the free and paid versions. The contents of the Rocket Pass will also be visible to players prior to purchasing it, so you can look through them first to make an informed decision on whether or not you want in on the premium progression.

As for the Zephyr update that's coming sooner than the Rocket Pass feature, this mini update will introduce a new crate with a few other changes.

"As part of our appropriately-named 'Zephyr Update' next week, the Zephyr Crate has the brand new 'Cyclone' Battle-Car -- based on the Breakout hitbox -- complete with unique Engine Audio and Common Decals that come along with it. Check out the Cyclone and some of the other Zephyr Crate items below!


"The Mini Update will also include a number of bug fixes including changes to Twinzer's painted appearance, crash/freeze fixes when loading into Competitive Matches on console, an adjustment to the 'Hammerhead' Decal for Mantis, and more! We'll have the complete patch notes up the morning of release."

The update is scheduled to be released on July 30.