New Rocket League Trailer Shows Off More Season 2 Content

Psyonix released another Rocket League trailer this week to show off more content from the upcoming Season 2 that's starting on December 9th. Following some teases of what's to come in the next season that ranged from arenas to other interesting features, Psyonix showed off more of its recurring Rocket Pass formula and what that will look like in Season 2. The full list of rewards that'll be included in the next Rocket Pass have been laid out as well to give people an idea of what they're buying into before they purchase the premium version of the Rocket Pass.

You can check out the contents of the free and premium versions of the second season's Rocket Pass here, but if you just want a rundown of the highlights, you can check out the trailer below to see some of what's planned. Everybody will get free items periodically regardless of if you pay anything or not, but those who opt for the premium version will of course get a steadier stream of rewards.

While browsing through the Rocket Pass contents, you should come across one feature that you've never seen before from prior seasons. Player Anthems can be unlocked via the Rocket Pass in both the free and premium tracks. Psyonix discussed the Player Anthems recently and said they'd be special songs that players can acquire and equip so that the tracks play whenever notable moments happen in a match.

"There's a new sound coming to Rocket League with Season 2!" Psyonix said about the Player Anthems coming in Season 2. "Player Anthems are a new item type and customization option where you'll be able to select from a growing list of songs featured in Rocket League. Your Player Anthem will play throughout the Arena for all players when you score a goal, pull off an Epic Save, or receive MVP honors at the end of a match."

Player Anthems aside, new cars, wheels, credits, and everything else you'd expect to get from the Rocket Pass will be back in the Season 2 version as well.


Rocket League Season 2 launches across all platforms on December 9th.