Gaming on PS4 and PS5 Just Got More Expensive for Some PlayStation Gamers

Gaming on PS5 and PS4 just got more expensive for some PlayStation gamers. With the start of the PS5 generation, Sony announced it was going to start charging more for some of its first-party releases. The first example of this price hike has been Demon's Souls, which doesn't run at the usual $60, but $70. Some publishers and developers have followed in Sony's footsteps, while others look poised to in the future. The point is, gaming got more expensive this generation, and it's about to get even more expensive for PlayStation gamers in Canada.

In Canada, games are already more expensive than they are in the United States, costing upwards of $90. However, on the PlayStation Store, they've actually been a bit cheaper, as purchases have been tax-free. This is changing in 2021 though.

Previously, Sony, unlike Nintendo and Xbox, was able to bypass charging tax due to the fact that it has no physical presence in Canada. That said, the loophole is being closed. The Federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has revealed that starting in 2021, all digital goods in Canada will be taxed, with no exemptions. So, depending on where you live in Canada, you will soon be paying upwards of 15 percent tax on all purchases made via the PlayStation Store.

While PlayStation gamers are certainly going to feel this change in their wallets, as Wccftech points out, the extra money is going towards a new Canada-wife childcare system.

The change will go into effect starting on June 1, 2021, and as noted, it will make gaming on the PlayStation as expensive as it's been to game on Nintendo and Xbox, which haven't been able to avoid the loophole due to their physical presence in the country.


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