Rocket League Reveals New Super Bowl LV Game Mode

Rocket League is once again teaming up with the NFL, this time for Super Bowl LV. Last month, [...]

Rocket League is once again teaming up with the NFL, this time for Super Bowl LV. Last month, Psyonix, Epic Games, and the NFL surprised players with NFL content. And today the trio announced a continuation of that content with a brand new game mode dubbed Gridiron, which will be added on February 2 and be available and playable until February 8. In addition to this the NFL fan pack (the aforementioned NFL content) will be back and there will be special new Event Challenges as well.

According to Psyonix, Champions Field has been transformed for the new LTM. It now features not just the NFL logo in the middle of it, but the hash marks you'd see on a football field.

As for the mode itself, it's 4v4 and in it, the standard ball has been replaced with an American football. Here's an official rundown of its rules:

  • Touching the ball attaches it to the roof of your car. In Spike Rush, the ball would attach to wherever your car made contact, but in Gridiron it will always attach to your roof.
  • If any player touches the ball, that player becomes the ball carrier, setting up the opportunity for hand-offs to teammates or steals by the other team.
  • The carrier can single jump, but double jumping drops the ball. You can also pass the ball by dodging.
  • Each goal is 3 or 7 points: 7 points are awarded if the ball is attached to a player when entering the opponent's goal, and 3 points are awarded if the ball is passed in or if the ball is loose. All own-goals are worth 3 points whether the ball is attached or it's loose.
  • Demos require Supersonic speed just like in standard modes.
  • Stay in bounds! You'll fumble the ball if you cross the line marked on the Arena wall.

As noted, there are also new Event Challenges being added, or more specifically, three new Event Challenges that once completed will unlock the Gridiron Guru Player Title, NFL Wheels, and 20,000 XP.

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