Rocket League Update 2.03 Live, Patch Notes Revealed

Rocket League version 2.0.3 is now live, and it should be an exciting one for a lot of players! This update sets the stage for the game's upcoming 2021 NFL Fan Pass content, while also providing some bug fixes and a new server region. With the NFL season just a few days away, it stands to reason that a lot of fans will be excited to celebrate the sport in Rocket League, and it should help that all 32 current NFL teams are represented. Full patch notes directly from the game's official website can be found below.


  • This update prepares Rocket League for the new incoming 2021 NFL Fan Pass content
  • We know many of you are patiently waiting, and our goal is to release an update later this month that brings 120 FPS to the PlayStation 5


Server Regions

  • 'India' has been added as a server region
    • Servers are hosted in Mumbai
    • India tournament region uses ASM servers


  • Aliasing along the ramp in Deadeye Canyon has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to being kicked prematurely from an in-progress Tournament
  • Several Italian, German, and Russian localization fixes
  • Fixed a crash scenario involving Dropshot and the NASCAR Trail
  • Tournament Rank now correctly displays on the Tournament History page

In addition to these fixes, Psionix also seems to have updated its list of known issues with the game, spanning all of the various versions of Rocket League. Maintaining a game like Rocket League requires a lot of effort, but the new set of bug fixes should make fans happy while the team works on the rest. Fans should note that this update prepares the game for the 2021 NFL Fan Pass, but the content is not live just yet, and won't be until sometime tomorrow. Until then, fans will just have to make do with the current content available!

Rocket League is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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