Rocket League's Frosty Fest Event Begins Soon

Rocket League Frosty Fest

Rocket League is about to get much colder with the start of the Frosty Fest event that comes with new loot and frigid crates.

Starting very soon on Dec. 11, those who have followed Rocket League throughout the year will recognized the event’s structure from previous seasonal events. Like the Haunted Hallows event around Halloween where candy corn became the primary currency for purchasing some spooky loot, Frost Fest will have its very own form of currency, this time in the form of snowflakes.

“Starting December 11 at 5pm PST (8pm EST, 2am CET on December 12), Frosty Fest is based on the same kind of in-game Event you experienced previously with Haunted Hallows back in October,” a preview from the Rocket League event page read. “As you'd expect, the Event format is the same as Haunted Hallows, with ‘Snowflakes’ currency replacing the Candy Corn you earned with every completed Online Match. You can redeem Snowflakes to purchase Event items, Decryptors, or the brand new ‘Frosty Fest’ Event Crate!”

Of course, if you’re not trying to earn the Frost Fest crates through random drops, you can always just spend some real money to purchase the event crates and get all of the candy cane-clad loot that you could hope for.

“You can grab the ‘Frosty Fest’ Event Crate three different ways, including as a drop after some Online Matches or via unlock with the Snowflakes you earn. If you’re looking for a more immediate approach, you’ll be able to purchase the Crate directly through the Rocket League client like you would Keys or Premium DLC Battle-Cars.”


But compared to the Haunted Hallows event, Psyonix says that they’ve made a couple of changes based on feedback. The only change that was explicitly mentioned was the number of Decryptors that players can obtain, but specifics on how the value will be changed weren’t given. Instead, they asked players to “stay tuned” to hear about all of the changes and other even details.

The Frosty Fest event starts on Dec. 11 and lasts until Jan. 2, so get in as much time with the loot and the wintery arenas while you can.