Rocksteady Confirms Its Next Game Is Not 'Superman'


For awhile now, the rumors and reports have suggested that Rocksteady's next game will be a Superman title. More recent rumblings have even suggested that said game would be revealed next month at The Game Awards 2018. Neither of these are true.

Taking to Twitter, Sefton Hill, co-founder and director at Rocksteady -- the studio who made a name for itself via the Batman: Arkahm series -- finally put the rumor mill to rest, revealing that not only will the team's next game not be at The Game Awards 2018, but it isn't a Superman game.

From the sounds of it, we won't be hearing about Rocksteady's next project until 2019. Interestingly, Hill confirms that it isn't Superman, but that doesn't meant it isn't working on such a game, just that its next game won't be centered around the hero soley. Now, this isn't to say they have multiple projects in development, one of which is Superman -- that would be pure speculation -- it's to say the door is still open for a Superman game from Rocksteady. It just will not be its next game.

Despite never being confirmed to exist, Rocksteady's supposed Superman project is -- or was -- one of the most anticipated games, so, as you would expect, some people are a bit bummed it isn't happening. However, some are thankful Rocksteady put the rumors to bed and did so ahead of the reveal.


This begs the question: what is Rocksteady getting ready to reveal? Well, who knows. Justice League? Arrow? A New IP? Who can say. You'd assume it would be DC-related, but at this point, all we can do is wait and see. And sadly, we may still be waiting a few more months.