New Xbox One Exclusive 'Operencia: The Stolen Sun' Revealed, Game Pass Day One Launch

Microsoft is honoring their earlier promise to widen the experience Xbox One fans can have on their beloved consoles and that starts with a newly revealed RPG that will be exclusive to this particular platform.

"In just a few months, we at Zen Studios will release Operencia: The Stolen Sun – nothing less than the single biggest production in our 16-year history," began a recent blog post from the studio over on the Xbox website. "If your first thought upon reading that title is, “I wonder what kind of a pinball table that is?” I don’t blame you – after all, Zen has had an amazing relationship with Xbox players for more than a decade, continually releasing world-class digital pinball tables through the Pinball FX series (picked up any Williams tables yet?…)."

The first-person party-based dungeon crawler aims to hit all the right sweet spots for fans of these types of games, while providing an enticing experience for all to enjoy. The upcoming exclusive will also have a day one launch on the Xbox Game Pass, so for those that are members -- the new exclusive will be free!

"It’s very important to us that you feel at home with Operencia, whether you conquered the proving grounds of the Mad Overlord back in 1981 or you didn’t even know that RPGs could be made in a tile-based, first-person fashion with turn-based combat," continued the Creative Director of at Zen Studios, Chris Baker. "If you’re really hardcore, you can turn on the permadeath and turn off the automapping (you’ve got some spare graph paper lying around, right?). Or wuss out like me (i.e., a sane person), and enable autosaves and the onscreen minimap as you traverse everything from traditional tombs and dungeons to enchanted woods, a burned-down village, and the god of war’s own personal forest made of copper."

The upcoming game promises to be a very narrative-focused with lots of lore for players to uncover. With intertwining mythologies and a complex story, Operencia: The Stolen Sun looks to be a unique experience that Xbox One players have been craving.


We don't have an exact release date at this time, though we do know it is slated for a Spring launch exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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