Actor Troy Baker Talks About His "Coolest Role" Yet, Opens Up About Fatherhood and Nolan North's Best Advice

Rooster Teeth's phenomenal fan convention RTX has come and gone and it's was a great year once more! A perfect place for fans and icons to join together to nerd out about what they love the most. We had a chance to explore what this incredible event had to offer and also sat down with renowned voice actor Troy Baker to talk about everything from World of Warcraft, to his Socratic approach to games and life in general. That being said, the new father couldn't help but to gush about the newest addition to his family as well as what fellow voice actor Nolan North had to say about the greatest role yet.

It's no secret that Troy Baker is a sought after name in the gaming industry. If you've played any game, it's likely you've heard his voice. Because of that, he's a busy man! When we asked him which of his newest projects he's most excited for, he gave us a response we weren't expecting: Fatherhood. "If I can wax a little serious for a second," he said before going full on gush mode about his newest role as a father. But it's not just the joys of fatherhood that he's thinking about, but also how to juggle so many things going on in his professional life while also still maintaining that deep connection with his new son. That's where good 'ol Nolan North came in to offer his pearls of wisdom.

After jokingly expressing worry that his travel schedule will prompt his son to call him "Phil" instead of Dad, the actor did get serious about what fellow father North had to say. It's no secret that the two are friends and North is no stranger to fatherhood himself. The critical piece of advice? "It's a sprint," especially this year. "You think it's hard now, wait until he get old enough to say 'Daddy don't go,'" recounted Baker about North's advice and honestly, it's a valid concern and one that many working professionals have to face. Luckily for fans of Baker, this did mean one of his latest projects got put into hyper speed; a community-based Retro show that will be only continue to grow with so much passion - a way for fans to come together and interact on a deeply personal level and another thing that Baker can be proud to show his son as his child comes of age.

You can learn more about "Phil," AKA Troy Baker, and his current plans in our audio interview below! Keep it tuned in here at ComicBook because we've got even more exclusive goodness from the wonderful event that is RTX.


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