Rumor: Yo-Kai Watch Busters Could Be Coming To the U.S.


While the Yo-Kai Watch games have been well received for Nintendo 3DS owners, there are a couple of releases in the series that didn’t come out here. At least, not yet.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 is one of those games, but it’s likely to be announced sometime down the road -- perhaps in just a few weeks at E3. But one of the titles that fans are clamoring for is Yo-Kai Watch Busters, an open-world beat-em-up game that never got the chance to shine here.

However, it looks like that may change. Nintendo Life recently reported that, per a tweet from a Spanish Yo-Kai Watch account, we could be seeing something announced very soon.

The tweet, which can be seen below, is an image being taken from the game, per its release in Korea. As you can see by the image, Nintendo of America had a hand in the localization. That could indicate they’re on board with the game -- and, furthermore, a U.S. release is likely.

“The location of Busters in Korea could have confirmed us that the American, and possibly the European, location would be finalized,” the tweet reads. You can see the image below.


Now, Nintendo hasn’t said a word about the game, and it’s unlikely they’ll announce anything right now, as it really wants to save any surprises it has for its E3-oriented Nintendo Direct this June. But a one-two punch, involving both Busters and Yo-Kai Watch 3, would be a real treat for fans, and give the 3DS a couple more games to have in its library for this year. That’s good news, considering that most games are making their way to the Nintendo Switch right now.

So we’ll be waiting, just like you Yo-Kai Watch devotees, to see what Nintendo confirms. But Busters would probably be enjoyed by many fans here, especially with gameplay that revolves more around fighting, instead of role-playing action. We’ll see what gets announced soon enough, probably in just a few short weeks!