Sea of Thieves Devs Confident About Launch Content, Says It's Just the Start

With Sea of Thieves quickly approaching its March release date, developers Rare say that they’re [...]

Sea of Thieves

With Sea of Thieves quickly approaching its March release date, developers Rare say that they're confident with everything the game's launch has to offer.

Speaking in the latest issue of Xbox: The Official Magazine, Rare's Joe Neate, executive producer for Sea of Thieves, said that the team "feels good" about what's included with the launch of the game.

"Some of our toughest conversations are about what should make it for launch. We feel good about our launch offering, and that Sea of Thieves offers an experience like no other. We also feel great about how we plan to grow and evolve the game. Launch is just the start, and I'm so excited to begin this journey for real. For now, we remain focused on the launch experience, and we're committed to ensuring players have a great initial experience, and then we'll transition into our post-launch roadmap of features.

Neate went on to say that the community has been an integral part of the game as well, a community that's developed before the game could even release. While other pirates can be encountered online to bolster the community interactions, the community outside of the actual gameplay is just as important.

"They [the community] have been a huge part. We knew from the start that we needed to build a community around the game, and to do that we needed to be as open as possible with our development and decision-making."

Moving on past the launch date that Rare is confident about, Neate added that the developers will continue to take the community's suggestions and feedback into consideration when it comes to adding wanted features or fixing problems.

"We'll do the same way beyond launch, and continue to take feedback from our community on how we are doing in this area. They're typically the first to tell us if we're not sharing enough information or rationale behind our decisions, and we love that they keep us honest."

For those who haven't tried Sea of Thieves yet in one of the open betas, there's a chance that you'll get another opportunity if a datamine is to be believed, though that hasn't been confirmed yet. Sea of Thieves launches on the Xbox One and PC on March 20.