Sea of Thieves Team Talks Skeletons in Most Recent Dev Update Video

The Sea of Thieves team is back with another video to talk a little bit about what's to come [...]

The Sea of Thieves team is back with another video to talk a little bit about what's to come before the big release later this year. The latest Developer Update talks about skeletons - more specifically, skeleton AIs. How to avoid them, how to use them, and plenty of other details about what's on the way.

Right off the bat the team addressed how the AI will work and that these skeletons aren't suddenly "psychic" and know where a player is at. If you snipe one, or make a general attack from far away, they aren't just going to turn around and suddenly know where you are from far away. They will, however, turn to investigate the noise and try to find the source. This isn't an uncommon mechanic in-game, but it is an attention to detail that is often overlooked but usually very appreciated.

They also touched on how the skeletons will regain their health, namely by consuming bananas. Personally, I feel like this was a missed opportunity to make a calcium deficiency joke on the dev's end - but hey, that's just me. The bone-worthy enemies will also clamour away if they feel like the threat is too great for them to handle, or if they're badly hurt. There are also different classes of skeletons, each with their own weaponry.

Sea of Thieves is a gigantic pirate game that allows a fully immersive player experience both solo, and with friends. So much detail has gone into this game thus far - Rare even made up entire backstories for these skeletons to give them a bit of history! It's very obvious a lot of love and care went into the game up until this point, and there's even more to go before it's ready to launch.

The pirate-filled adventure kicks off on March 20th for Xbox One and PC.