Sea Of Thieves To Get Replay-Expanding Live Campaigns

Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves, which is currently in development over at Rare, is promising to be [...]


Microsoft's Sea of Thieves, which is currently in development over at Rare, is promising to be one of the bigger Xbox One/PC releases for the fall/winter season, but some fans might be concerned in terms of just how much of a pirating life they'll be able to lead with the forthcoming game. Quell those fears, because there's apparently a lot more coming than you might expect.

In the latest of the company's Behind the Scenes vignettes for the game, Rare has revealed a new feature that will be included in Thieves, in the form of Live Campaigns. While we didn't get exact details in terms of what kind of adventures await with this, they will enable fans to continue setting sail with the game, long after they've completed taking on their friends and picking up a ton of pieces of eight.

"Live campaigns are time-limited events that will happen in game," explained campaign producer Christina Parker. "They only last for a certain amount of time, and they're meant to spice up the everyday gameplay and potentially give you a unique experience and also a unique reward."

It sounds like the Live Campaigns will be filled with plenty of possibilities, like hunting down rare pirate booty, or even engaging with certain enemies in a full-on battle, where you'll obtain something pretty cool in the process. What's more, these events won't be tied in with content updates, which means you won't have to add extra download space to the game just to see them pop up – something a few games are notorious for doing with their continuous updates.

That could easily add to the game's overall replay value – as if the multiplayer, co-op and main story adventures weren't enough to get you enthralled in the first place. And considering that it'll be releasing more episodes in the future, Rare might not be done yet when it comes to introducing Sea of Thieves content to its fans.

We'll find out just what the team is up to – and more importantly, when the game will arrive – next month, when Microsoft will no doubt make Thieves part of its E3 showcase, happening a couple of days before the event.

For now, enjoy the diary below, and look forward to Sea of Thieves later this year for Xbox One and Windows PC!