Seagate Reveals First Xbox Series X Storage Device

The Xbox Series X will come with 1TB of storage for players’ games and anything else they’ve [...]

The Xbox Series X will come with 1TB of storage for players' games and anything else they've saved to the console, but that's still not going to be enough space for everyone. To remedy that problem, Seagate has unveiled the first storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X that's due to be released later this year alongside the new console. It grants users an additional 1TB packed into the portable unit, and while you can't pre-order it just yet just like you can't pre-order the Xbox Series X itself, you can sign up for more info so that you'll know right when it's available.

Seagate's sleek storage card for the Xbox Series X can be seen through the company's product page where you can sign up to know more about the card's availability. With this card designed specifically for the Xbox Series X and its features, Seagate said the card will be able to take advantage of the console's power and will be like "replicating the console's internal SSD experience." Price and speeds for the storage card have not yet been announced, but we'll know more about those at a later date.

Considering how many games the Xbox Series X will support, it might make sense to go ahead and look into additional storage if you've already got a big library. Microsoft's Smart Delivery feature means that players are going to have several of their current-gen games upgraded to the next-gen versions which will could lead to increases in sizes depending on what changes between the two versions, and the console's backwards compatibility feature means that you'll likely be bringing over most of your Xbox One library if you want to. Couple that with all the next-gen games planned for the console and the ever increasing sizes of things like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and you're already pushing the limits of built-in storage.

To start picking out which of those newer games will fill up your internal or external storages, you can tune into the Xbox Series X event planned for Thursday that'll unveil a bunch of new first-party games. We know we'll see Halo Infinite make an appearance, but most other things are pretty much up in the air at this point beyond some rumors. What we do know is that the Xbox event will be entirely focused on games, so don't expect to be seeing any hardware reveals or news about the console itself.