Secretlab Reveals New Star Wars Chairs

Secretlab is collaborating with Disney for some new Star Wars-themed chairs to add to its growing collection of collabs for the Titan Evo 2022 chair, the companies announced this week. Dubbed the "Secrelab Imperial Collection," these chairs aptly invoke the logos and color schemes of the Imperial forces from the Star Wars universe with two different designs available: the Stormtrooper Edition and the Empire Edition. Both are available to pre-order now and come in the three different Titan Evo 2022 sizes Secretlab offers.

People have been asking for a collaboration like this for a while now, and based on teases like the one that was shared this week, Secretlab fans already had an idea of what was coming. A better look at the chairs was shared this week when the crossover was fully unveiled with the Empire Edition chair shown on the left and the Stormtrooper Edition on the right included in the tweet below. You can also see the chairs in the Secretlab store.

If you've shopped around for a Secretlab chair before, you'll know that the Titan Evo 2022 comes in three different sizes: small, regular, and extra-large. You can get the Imperial Collection chairs for $624 each if you're opting for the first two sizes, but the extra-large size costs a bit more at $694. Not cheap by any means regardless of what size you're opting for, but Secretlab chairs hold up quite well, and you are paying a premium for the Star Wars collab, too. As far as materials go, these chairs are only available in the standard NEO Hybrid Leatherette option that most Secretlab chairs consist of.

As announced by Secretlab not long ago, the company also smartly sells skins for chairs now so that you can slide a chair cover over your seat to make it look totally different. Those Secretlab Skins do include some premium, branded crossovers like ones for League of Legends and Game of Thrones, too, but no Star Wars skins have been announced at this time.