Sega Publishing Crash Bandicoot On Nintendo Switch In Japan

Crash Bandicoot

Ever since its release last year on PlayStation 4, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has been stirring up all kinds of old-school vibes...even if the games are a bit on the challenging side. And that love has gone even further this past June with the game's arrival on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, with even more players hopping on the Bandicoot bandwagon.

But now, out of all of this, an interesting new story has emerged, one that would likely make kids from the 90's scream out, "Wait, what's happening?"

The good news is that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will soon make its way to Nintendo Switch in Japan. However, instead of Activision publishing the game, it'll be...Sega? has recently reported that the publisher of the hit Sonic game series has indeed picked up the rights to Crash Bandicoot, and will publish the game sometime later this year. This marks an interesting change of pace from previous games, which were first brought out by Sony on the PlayStation platform before the rights changed hands to Activision.

Now, think about this for a second. You've got Sega releasing a game for a Nintendo platform based on a popular release for Sony's PlayStation. If you had told the 90's versions of us that was happening, we probably would've laughed in your face and said, "Shyeah, right," before going back to watching Friends or playing Super Mario 64. It's funny just how much the times changes.

Also, check out the game's "official" name via Google Translate: Crash Bandicoot 3 Bottoms! So...bottoms up then?

There was no mention of the Xbox One or PC versions for Japan release in the report. More than likely, the Xbox One version of Crash won't come out because the platform just isn't that popular in Japan. As for PC, it's likely to arrive sometime later in the year though nothing has been made official yet.


Though we didn't give the game a full review on the Nintendo Switch platform, we did post our impressions, coming away very pleased with how it turned out in its transition to Nintendo's machine. I noted in my piece, "Crash Bandicoot was a lot of fun last year and continues to be so with this effective and worthwhile port of N. Sane Trilogy. The extra content is pretty cool, although I would've liked a lighter difficulty option for those that aren't ready to tackle the tougher levels. But if it's old-school platforming goodness you're looking for -- and Sonic and Mario aren't getting the job done enough -- step up to Crash."

The game will release on those shores on October 18. In the meantime, you can get Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy now for Switch, as well as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.