'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' Cinematic Trailer Revealed

This morning Square Enix released an intense new trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and while we don't actually get to peep any gameplay, the trailer does a fantastic job of setting the tone and theme of Lara's gritty new adventure. Check it out above.

As you can see, we are no longer taking control of a Lara Croft coming to grips with her situation and struggling to survive. This is the tomb raider of legend. In fact, Lara may be a little too deadly for her own good. The title Shadow of the Tomb Raider may imply that we're dealing with a darker, more reckless protagonist, and indeed, in the trailer we see she has no hesitation when taking life. We even see a young boy, whom she rescues, cower away from her in fear. Has her nature been twisted?

Mayan temples and art are prominent throughout the trailer, and in the game, players will be trekking through parts of Mexico and Peru. There is a Mayan apocalypse unfolding, and Lara is out to prevent the worst of it from coming to pass. She's not the only player in the game, either. The shadowy Order of Trinity is hot on her heels, and they obviously have plans of their own, and think that an apocalypse may be just what the world needs at this point in time.

Trinity may be an organization worth stopping, but Lara's motives are not purely altruistic. Lara knows that Trinity is responsible for the death of her father, and she's driven in part -- or perhaps primarily -- by vengeance. As the moon fully eclipses the sun in all of the key art that we've seen, it could be that Lara's rage and desire for revenge is overshadowing her more noble qualities. This is a a dangerous tomb raider; dangerous not only to those whom she hunts, but possibly to those she wishes to save as well.


We'll have a bunch of Shadow of the Tomb Raider coverage coming your way throughout the day. Our own Liana Ruppert was invited to attend a special preview event with Square Enix in LA yesterday, where she got ample hands-on with the game. We'll have our impressions, and interviews with the developers, going live very soon. Stay tuned!