Shovel Knight Being Made For Commodore 64, But Is It Real?

We’ve seen our fair share of April Fools’ jokes today, but Yacht Club Games’ offering has us [...]

We've seen our fair share of April Fools' jokes today, but Yacht Club Games' offering has us wondering…is this a joke or not?!

That's because the publisher has just posted its latest blogabout a new project in the works featuring its heroic Shovel Knight character. It's not a new expansion for its current game, but rather a version being made for an unlikely platform – the Commodore 64?

In case you missed it, the Commodore was a popular gaming device back in the 80's, and there's been talk about it making some kind of comeback. Now, with the help of Shovel Knight, it just might.

"That's right! Shovel Knight has journeyed to many platforms by now, so it really is a no-brainer to support the Commodore 64, the single most popular computer ever sold!With an install base of this magnitude, we can't make an argument not to dig in with excitement!Now we know everyone is on board already, but please keep in mind that development is still very early! We don't have a release date, but we do have early video and screenshots to make the wait a little easier. The video above is captured from Vice 64 but would also run on a stock PAL Commodore 64," the company noted in its post."

You can see the trailer above. Now, you can't actually play this on a Commodore 64, since it appears that it'll be put on a cartridge. However, you can play it right now on, or by using The C64 Mini.

The company didn't note "April Fools!" anywhere on its site, so there is a slight possibility this could be the real deal. And that makes us wonder how the final game will shape up on older hardware. You can get a glimpse of gameplay in the trailer above, and it's fascinating, to say the least.

Meanwhile, the company should be at PAX East in Boston this weekend, where players can check out the latest and final expansion to the original Shovel Knightgame, King of Cards, as well as pick up special goods for the game. Hmmm, maybe they'll have some special cartridges?

Shovel Knightis available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and PC.