Exclusive Shovel Knight High End Statues Revealed, Full Line Here

shovel knight

Shovel Knight is a popular franchise, and one that many can't wait to commemorate with a high end statue to show off that Yacht Club Games love. The highly praised collectible company First 4 Figures does it again by bringing gaming favourites to life - but their new line holds one big surprise. THAT'S what they look like under their iconic helmets?!

As with many high end statues in their line, F4F offers several options. There is the Shovel Knight Ornate Plate Armor Edition, the Shovel Knight Exclusive Edition, and the Shovel Knight Regular ... so what's the difference?

As seen in the image above on the far right, the golden god of Shovel Knight awesome is the Ornate Plate Armor Edition. "Usually wearing light blue armor, Shovel Knight is the main character in the game. His main focus is to find his beloved Shield Knight who is lost to the Tower of Fate and to stop the Enchantress from taking over the Valley."

shovel knight unmasked
(Photo: First 4 Figures)

The middle collectible pictured above is the Exclusive Edition, the one unmasked in what admittedly we weren't expecting to see. For those that are unfamiliar with the Shovel Knight series, it's actually a gag NPC from the franchise that's been known to make a few appearances. Still ... could you imagine?


The far left is the Regular Edition, with the iconic Shovel Knight persona in all of his blue-armored glory. There is even a Combo Edition that offers the Regular And Ornate Plate versions together for a discounted price of $549.99. If you're looking to shop individually, all editions run at the same price of $299.99 with optional payment plans available. To score one of these bad boys for yourself, you can look at the entire collection - in detail - here to pre-order now!