Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove's Final Expansions Get Release Date

Earlier this week, we reported that Yacht Club Games was adding a multiplayer component to its hit [...]

Shovel Knight

Earlier this week, we reported that Yacht Club Games was adding a multiplayer component to its hit indie game Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, along with the King of Cards expansion that was still in the works. Today, thanks to IGN, we know just when we'll be able to get our hands on these.

The publisher revealed that both of these expansions will be releasing on April 9, 2019, almost two years to the day that the previous expansion, Spectre of Torment, came out. That's a bit of a wait for fans that want to see what's next with the game, but considering their level of quality, they'll be worth it.

In addition, Yacht Club Games has also confirmed that a new physical edition of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is being prepped for the same date, with all of the content, including Showdown and King of Cards included. It'll be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in both North America and Europe, though you can also get the digital editions of those games on those systems, along with Xbox One and PC.

It'll sell for $39.99, though those of you who can't wait can buy Treasure Trove now for $24.99 and still access the bonus expansions when they release next year at no additional charge. You can see the cover art, also provided by IGN, below.

Shovel Knight 2
(Photo: IGN)

On top of that, the previously announced Amiibo three pack of characters, which includes Plague Knight, King Knight and Specter Knight, will release on the same day, on April 9. A price point hasn't been given just yet, but it's expected to be around $34.99 or so. We'll let you know once that's finalized.

Yacht Club Games should be around PAX West this weekend, and will more than likely have King of Cards and Showdown on hand for fans to try out, as well as those lovely Amiibo figures to ogle over. There should be other Shovel Knight goods as well, in case you need to add something to your collection.

So for those of you who want the physical edition of Treasure Trove, it's on the way. Can't wait? You can buy it now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS. Keep in mind, however, that those last systems will not receive the expansions.