Shovel Knight Sells Over Two Million Copies, But Where Did It Sell the Most?

It’s been a few years since Yacht Club Games released its Kickstarter-backed Shovel Knight, but [...]

Shovel Knight

It's been a few years since Yacht Club Games released its Kickstarter-backed Shovel Knight, but in that time frame, the game has gone on to become a huge indie success. Today, the publisher took to Resetera to sound off on its latest triumph, as it has managed to clear over two million copies sold!

"We all did it! We've now sold two million copies of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove," the company noted in its post. "Whoah! We're starting to think people might be enjoying this thing….nuts! Just 18 months after its original debut, Shovel Knight surpassed one million copies sold total. Since then, the road to 2 million has been arduous but at the very end of February, an extensive 26 months later, we reached a colossal milestone! Thank you everyone for your unbelievable support! It is so inspiring that people still pick up, play, and fall in love with Shovel Knight for the first time every day.

A lot has happened in those 26 months! We released the Shovel Knight Amiibo, our newest campaign Specter of Torment, launched on Switch, brought Battletoads to PC, made co-op playable on all platforms, created an art book, wrote four Shovel Knight books, published Gunvolt, body-swapped Shovel Knight's campaign, released Vita physical, localized the game to Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian, and perhaps craziest of all… since the game was so big, we changed the name of the game to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, increased the price, and split the games into separate standalone releases."

As a result, fans will be able to benefit by picking up the whole Treasure Trove package for a discount. To celebrate crossing the 2 million mark, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be 20% off for a week— starting today! That includes Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox One, Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. If you were considering giving Shovel Knight a try — now's a great time! All versions of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will also be receiving the final campaign, Shovel Knight: King of Cards, as a free update once it's ready!" the company noted.

As for where the game sold best, Yacht Club Games broke down the numbers below. It appears that Steam/Windows fared the best out of all the sales, followed closely behind by Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly enough, the Wii U version of Shovel Knight actually outsold the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions combined.

Shovel Knight 2

If you haven't picked up Shovel Knight yet, you can get Treasure Trove now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PC, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita!