Shroud Announces Return to Twitch

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is returning to Twitch to stream on the Amazon-owned platform, the streamer announced on Tuesday. Shroud shared his announcement via his personal social media account with a dramatic video like we’ve typically seen now whenever the big-name streamers make their moves to and from platforms. He originally streamed on Twitch up until October 2019 when he signed with Microsoft’s Mixer to stream there instead and was left without a dedicated streaming platform after Mixer was shut down.

Shroud’s announcement video below confirmed his return and linked to his Twitch channel that’s still around even if it’s been offline for over 10 months now. He’s got over 7 million followers still on that account, so once he comes back online for his first return stream, he’ll have plenty of people waiting for him.

He didn’t specify in his video when exactly he’d be back on Twitch to stream, but updates about when streamers go live are frequently shared through their own accounts to give people enough notice. Once he’s back to streaming on Twitch, a more reliable schedule will likely follow.

According to The Washington Post, Shroud’s channel will be relaunched with new logos and looks. He considered deals with YouTube and Facebook after his Mixer departure.


The streamer’s time on Mixer was brief compared to how long other streamers have been signed with different platforms and was cut short by Mixer’s shutdown. Mixer was home to other streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who’d signed with Microsoft or chosen to stream there on their own and were displaced when the streaming service shut down.

Shroud’s announcement is just the latest of several different updates from big streamers that were shared in the past couple of days. Ninja streamed once again on Twitch a few days ago which marked his first return to the platform as well after he first left it for Mixer. It hasn’t been confirmed yet that Ninja has signed with any particular streaming platform. Dr Disrespect also returned to streaming recently, though his situation was a bit different than that of Shroud and Ninja. Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch entirely but claims that he still doesn’t know why he was banned. He started streaming on YouTube, but there have again been no details announced about a formal partnership of any kind.