Silent Hill 4: The Room Gets Rereleased

If you’re up for a scare from a classic Silent Hill game, you can now play Silent Hill 4: The Room once again on the PC platform thanks to a rerelease from Konami and GOG. The game is now listed on the CD Projekt Red-owned marketplace for just $9.99 after Konami and GOG confirmed the plans to release the game again on Friday morning. It’s been years since the game originally released on the PC platform and even longer since its initial debut, so there’s a good chance many people able to play this rerelease now never got to play the original before.

You can find Silent Hill 4: The Room listed here on GOG available to purchase for those who want to revisit it. The game originally released in 2004 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 platforms with a PC release following not long afterwards. It’s got puzzles and monsters and plenty of scares just as you’d expect from a tense Silent Hill game.

“Henry Townshend finds himself trapped in his apartment and the only escape is through a mysterious portal that leads to a horrifying alternate reality,” a preview of the game listed on GOG said. “With gruesome sights around every corner and his sanity being tested, he must find his way out of this nightmare. Enter The Room, a thrilling story in the most terrifying game series of all time.”

Of course, the reveal of the game wasn’t a total surprise seeing how it was already leaked before. The game showed up on one of the ratings boards sites that listed a rating and a description for the content of the game, so people expected the rerelease to happen sooner rather than later. It seems as though they were correct.


As for new Silent Hill content – not just rereleases – we still haven’t gotten any news about any plans for that. There have been plenty of rumors suggesting that Silent Hill projects are or were in the works, but we’ve seen nothing come of those rumors yet to indicate that something’s actually happening. On the contrary, Konami has actually spoken out about some of the rumors to shut them down.

Silent Hill did come to Dead by Daylight andjust had more content featured in the multiplayer game just recently though, so considering that crossover and the news of the rerelease, we can only hope that the franchise is indeed being kept relevant to prime people some sort of project in the future.