Konami Files New Trademark For Silent Hill

Is Konami getting ready to revive Silent Hill? Well, that's what some fans of the classic horror [...]

silent hill
(Photo: Konami)

Is Konami getting ready to revive Silent Hill? Well, that's what some fans of the classic horror series are hoping following a new Silent Hill trademark application filed by the Japanese company means. Last month, Konami Digital Entertainment filed a trademark application in Canada via the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for Silent Hill. The trademark in question is of the Standard Characters variety and makes mention of video games. According to the trademark, the application is for goods and services, which in this case, includes both video games and computer games.

"Providing on-line video games; providing on-line computer games; providing information in the field of video games; providing information in the field of computer games; arranging, organizing and conducting video game competitions; arranging, organizing and conducting computer game competitions," reads the trademark.

So, what does this mean? Probably nothing, or at least not what'd you hope it'd mean, which would be a new game in the series or a re-release of sorts. Konami's trademark in the country with the Canada Intellectual Property Office was set to expire later this year on December 6, meaning, there's a good chance this is just an extension to ensure they retain the rights to Silent Hill. However, what's odd about this explanation is why is Konami months early? Usually these type of re-filings come closer to the deadline.

It's not obvious what this is for, but at the very least it confirms Konami still has some plans for the series. Those plans may not include a new game or even a re-release of the older ones, but it's interested in keeping the trademark. And in order to keep the trademark, it has to show it's doing something with said trademark. In other words, Konami is doing and will continue to do stuff with the Silent Hill brand, but I doubt this will result in anything substantial video game wise.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts or let me know over on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_. Do you think there's anything to this trademark? Will Konami ever revive the Silent Hill series?

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