Skyrim 'The Island' Mod Transforms the RPG Into a Survival Experience

Skyrim is known for its vast open-world that adventurers can traverse with open minds and hungry [...]

Skyrim is known for its vast open-world that adventurers can traverse with open minds and hungry hearts. From peaceful beaches, to unforgiving snow-drenched mountaintops, Tamriel has never looked better than in the latest Elder Scrolls title. But what if we upped the ante a bit, made the dangers that lurk even more dangerous? What if players saw themselves trapped on an island with no perceivable way to survive?

That's the scenario laid out in this impressive Skyrim mod appropriately called "The Island."

"Shipwrecked off the coast of an unknown island, you must survive while searching for a way off the island and on to Skyrim. While searching for a way off you may discover an ancient Dwemer city and other ruins lost to time," the mod's creator said.

But how does this set up with the rest of the narrative? The creator explained the situation in perfect detail.

"You were aboard a ship to Skyrim. Along the way a terrible storm throws the ship off course and the ship crashes on the shores of a long forgotten
island. As the only survivor of the ship you will have to survive on the island while discovering ancient Dwemer Ruins. There are cabins around
the island that you can set up a small player home in. At each cabin is all the necessary crafting stations for a survival game. There are gardens at each cabin for all your alchemical needs. There is a large focus on exploration. You will find a ship to repair to make it to Skyrim," the creator added.

"There is also a ship at Dawnstar that will give you an option ofs tarting the shipwreck quest or just safely arriving at the island for players that don't want to start a new game. Both ships have storage for all the items you collect. There are weapons and armor that can be
upgraded with gems found around the island. There are quests to find and complete while on the island," the creator continued.

In addition to the survival game set up, this mod adds three new areas where players can grow their own food. Upgradeable weapons, a new companion, new quests — there is so much 'The Island' has to offer.

Interested in checking it out yourself? You can learn more about "The Island" and how to download it right here over on Nexus Mods.