Skyrim Mod Brings Back Creepy Bug Fixed by Update

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has plenty of mods that aim to "fix" things players deem insufficient in the game, and this week, it gained another to restore a creepy bug that'd been in place for a while. This mod called "Mannaquins Move" was released in response to an update from Bethesda that patched out a bug where mannequins in the game would sometimes come to life. Players apparently thought that was a neat enough occurrence to warrant a mod that reversed the fix.

The bug in question can be seen below courtesy of Twitter user Rebelzize wherein some mannequins are shown moving about like normal NPCs. Widely regarded as a creepy bug by many Skyrim players, it's one that people sort of got accustomed to until it became a funny occurrence more than anything else.

Rebelzize noted that the recent Skyrim update has apparently included a fix for this bug. In response to that, mod maker TheBlackCladWanderer released the "Mannaquins Move" mod that makes it so that "should no longer not move."

Posts about moving mannequins in Skyrim have littered the game's various forums and communities for years now seeing how, as the Twitter user notes, this bug's been around for about 10 years now. According to some of the explanations for this occurrence, it's been said that mannequins are NPCs that are simply coded to remain still. Smaller mannequin movements may have been noticed from time to time when entering a home, but for the most part, the armor decorations tend to stay still.

This change in particular was not included in the notes for latest update, but players discovered it nonetheless. One of the game's latest updates released just within the past week or so and included a couple of adjustments for the game's Creation Club elements, but no critical changes for other parts of the game were detailed.