Super Smash Bros' Shadowy Roster Allegedly Decoded

The Internet thinks they know most of the characters from last night's shocking Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch reveal.

Last night, Nintendo provided a brief peek at the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game, which will come out later this year. The teaser provided a good look at the Inklings (from Splatoon) along with Mario and Link (from Zelda: Breath of the Wild), as well as a glimpse of several other characters hidden in shadows.

We identified some of the characters from the trailer yesterday, but a new image making its way around the Internet claims to have figured out most of the other roster members.

The image (which we've yet to find the original source of) claims that Yoshi, Pit (from the Kid Icarus games), Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Ness (from the Earthbound franchise), Marth (from the Fire Emblem series), Sheik, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus, Bowser, Captain Falcon, Fox, and Wario can all be spotted in the trailer.

None of those characters are exactly a surprise, as they've all appeared in two or more Super Smash Bros. installments. The most interesting takeaway is that Marth, Wario, and Pit seem to be considered "core" Smash Bros. characters. Pit and Marth aren't as iconic as the other characters seen in the trailer, but both the Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus game franchises got second leases on life thanks to the Super Smash Bros. games. Wario is a popular Nintendo character, but he's only appeared in the two most recent Super Smash Bros. games.


Of course, it's pretty clear that this isn't a complete roster. The last Super Smash Bros. game had 58 different playable characters, so it's likely that the Nintendo Switch roster will be the same size or even larger.

Nintendo hasn't announced a specific release date for the new Super Smash Bros. game, but they did note the game will come out in 2018. That means we'll have a ton of character reveals later this year, especially if the game turns out to not be an "upgraded" version of the Wii U/3DS version of Super Smash Bros.