SMITE Reveals PlayStation Plus Pack With 20 Free Gods, 31 Skins, and More

Attention SMITE players! Hi-Rez Studios is giving PlayStation Plus members an incredible new incentive to jump in and start playing, or start playing again. This morning the PlayStation Plus Pack was announced which, for a limited time, will offer all PS Plus subscribers 20 gods and voice packs, 31 skins, and the Khepri Announcer Pack. You're free to claim your PlayStation Plus Pack until January 9.

If you've never played SMITE, it's pretty much the perfect gateway drug for non-MOBA-players into the world of competitive MOBAs. The way SMITE sets itself apart is by utilizing familiar third-person shooter mechanics along with typical MOBA objectives and character progression loops to suck you in. All of your basic attacks, even if they're melee attacks, you'll line up and execute like you would fire a weapon in a shooter, which should make more traditional competitive players feel right at home.

If you're not into the straight up, three-lane, MOBA formula, there are also several other game modes that you can dabble in. There's a game type for pretty much every kind of player, whether you want a quick 1-on-1 fix or a drawn out strategic brawl with your buddies. There's even a new RPG-style adventure: Shadows Over Hercopolis!

If you are into MOBAs, then you know that one of the greatest hooks is diving into a massive roster and learning several champions or heroes. The roster of gods in SMITE is huge, and every god has his or her own lore that you can dive into. The guys over at Hi-Rez have poured a lot of care and attention into every detail of this game's lore and presentation, which makes it a lot easier to care about the characters you love to play!

If you're on PlayStation 4, this is an irresistible invitation to jump into one of the most celebrated free-to-play games of the generation.