Report: SNK ‘Samurai Shodown’ Revival Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Back in September this year, SNK got its fighting groove going again by announcing a new Samurai Shodown (or Samurai Spirits) game, which would be coming out in 2019. That said, some new information reveals that the game could be coming to more platforms than originally intended.


During its announcement, it was noted that Samurai would be cutting its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, an interesting announcement during the company's press conference held in Korea suggests that it's also coming to Nintendo Switch, with the game set to arrive in Q2 2019.

The news comes from Ruliweb, with a post showing SNK's road map for the coming year, which also includes King of Fighters XV, which we'll be talking about in a later news post. As you can clearly see from the picture below, Samurai Spirits' listed platforms include Nintendo, indicating that a Switch port is on the way.

Samurai 2
(Photo: Ruliweb)

Another interesting note is that King of Fighters XIV, which previously released for PS4 and PC, is also coming to Switch, along with an all new Metal Slug game.

Now, this could be an error on the company's part, as they haven't officially announced anything about the game outside of its press conference. And companies have been known for making mistakes during presentations before. But, if SNK could find a way to pull off Samurai's exquisite nature on the Switch -- as it's done in the past with the classic games through the Arcade Archives series -- then it's likely to be a big hit, since it'll be playable on the portable front, as well as on other consoles.

For now, we'll have to wait and see. SNK isn't likely to make a formal announcement until early 2019, when it could have more details about the game -- and maybe even a playable demo -- during EVO Japan. That'd be the ideal place to reveal it.

But on the other hand, we also have the Game Awards and Kinda Funny Showcase happening this week, and either place would be a good spot for Samurai Shodown news. We'll let you know if the company says anything.


All the same, even if the game doesn't make it to Switch, it'll be good to see the Samurai series again, since it's been so highly regarded by fans over the years. Be sure to check back for official details.

Samurai Shodown (Spirits) will release in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. (Those platforms are confirmed.)