Sonic Forces Could Be Getting A Day One Edition With Bonus Sega Costumes

While our current focus is on the forthcoming Sonic Mania, since it’s only a couple of weeks [...]

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While our current focus is on the forthcoming Sonic Mania, since it's only a couple of weeks away, let's not forget that Sega's Sonic Forces is looming in the distance – and the publisher appears to be planning a Day One Edition of the game with some bonus goodies for fans of the company.

Retail listings from both and indicate that the game will get that special edition for consoles across the board. With it, you'll get the full Sonic Forces release, but also some bonus costumes that you can use for your characters in the game.

According to the listing, the Avatar character will be able to be dressed up in six various costumes inspired by the following games…

  • Jet Set Radio
  • NiGHTS Into Dreams
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Puyo-Puyo Tetris

Specifics weren't mentioned with these costumes, but the above image, which was originally pointed out by the team at Sonic Stadium, we kind of get hints of what's included, with Sonic dressing up like one of the Jet Set Radio cast, and Amy has a great costume as well. The full banner is below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.59.15 PM

On top of that, the game will also feature digital bonus features with the package, including a variety of concert art cards that you'll be able to open up.

Sega didn't note if the costumes would be available to those that don't pick up the Day One Edition of the game, but it seems likely that it will be offered somewhere down the road, based on what we've seen in previous games. It definitely looks cool, especially if you've been looking to celebrate the legacy of Jet Set Radio in your own special little way.

Sonic Forces has been getting a lot of buzz since the game's reveal last summer, building up with a set-up very similar to the classic Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC game Sonic Generations with 3D and 2D stages, as well as the ability to play between older and newer Sonic characters, as well as your own custom Sonic-themed warrior.

Sonic Forces will release later this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.