Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man Take Part In Epic Mobile Game Crossover

As if we didn’t have enough Sonic the Hedgehog news already with his forthcoming film, the speedy little hero is making news again – alongside an arcade legend.

Bandai Namco and Sega have partnered up to offer each other’s respective game characters to be included in opposite mobile games. That may not sound like much, but you can see what kind of effect it has when you spot Sonic the Hedgehog in the world of Pac-Man, and vice versa.

As part of a limited time promotion that’s taking place between now and March 20, players of Sonic Dash on mobile will be able to select either Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man as playable characters, while Sonic will make his debut in the world of Pac-Man.

Here’s a more accurate description of each gameplay experience, according to the press release:

“In Sonic Dash, players can run as PAC-MAN or Ms. PAC-MAN and compete in four alternating one-week special character events, collecting Power Pellets as they race towards the finish line, or face off against Bash the Ghost in an all-new boss battle. Players who collect enough of PAC-MAN's classic fruits, bells and keys during the event are able to permanently earn those characters.

Sonic Pac Man 3

Just as Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man enter Sonic Dash to help their friend, Sonic speeds into the Pac-Man mobile game world to save his kidnapped animal buddies. Players entering during the limited time event will play as Sonic as he dashes through a revamped maze styled as the classic Green Hill Zone, collecting rings and boosting through Moto Bugs. The update also features six unique stages and free Sonic tournaments. Players who take part in the epic mash-up between today and Tuesday, March 20 can unlock the Sonic Maze content in Pac-Man forever. After this period elapses, the Maze will no longer be unlockable.”

Sonic pac Man 2

The story revolves around Dr. Eggman, who’s not happy that he wasn’t invited to Sonic Dash’s fifth anniversary party, teaming up with Bash the Ghost to make life a living heck for Pac-Man and Sonic. The two have to work together within their opposite worlds in order to make things right.

“We're excited to host Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in Sonic Dash in celebration of the game's five year anniversary,” said Chris Southall, Head of Studio at SEGA HARDlight. “We know fans will be delighted with the result, a special event that brings two iconic video game universes together for the very first time on mobile in a speed-packed experience.”

“Pac-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog have proven to be some of the most enduring heroes in video game history, and seeing each of these characters in these new universes helps remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place,” says Kazunori Goka, Chief PAC-MAN Officer at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. “We hope that Sonic fans and PAC-MAN fans alike will enjoy seeing their favorite characters take on new challenges and try their best, all for the sake of friendship.”


We’re quite fond of the idea of a Sonic-branded Pac-Man game. It just looks fun. And if you don’t believe us, watch the trailer above.

Sonic Dash and Pac-Man are available now for iOS and Android devices.