Sony Reportedly Asks for Help From Users to Define the Future of PlayStation 5 in New Survey

The team at Sony has yet to say anything officially when it comes to the PlayStation 5. However, a new survey seems to indicate that they're thinking really hard about what users want from it.

A report from Twisted Voxel claims that a survey was being sent out to select users, asking what they want when it comes to improving "the experience" of enjoying PlayStation gaming. That doesn't indicate the PS5 entirely, but it sounds like they want their "opinions on console gaming" to give it the features that folks want.

"Hi, we'd really like to hear your opinions on console gaming," the message sent with the alleged survey reads. "This helps us plan for the future of PlayStation -- and improve the experience for you and all of our players. It won't take up much of your time and we really do appreciate you taking part."

The key words here are "the future of PlayStation." This has been somewhat up in the air after Sony indicated that it would not be attending this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event, noting that it didn't really have anything to show. This led to speculation that the company may be hosting its returning PlayStation Experience at some point this year to formally announce the console, though nothing has been made official just yet.

Some believe that the company may be gauging for features that folks want to see in the next console with this survey. Granted, the PlayStation 4 has done quite well for the most part, but it's not quite perfect. For example, the lack of backward compatibility is a real issue for some, as the only real way to play PlayStation 3 games on it is either through the PlayStation Now streaming service or official remasters of previously released titles like Grand Theft Auto V. Considering how much Microsoft has embraced such technology, it could be something the company is looking into in an effort to "keep up."

As for other features, who knows? The PlayStation 4 tech was pretty savvy, but the company may be looking into rumored controller redesign as well as better incorporation of its PlayStation VR technology. We'll just have to wait a little bit longer to find out.

The PlayStation 5 hasn't been officially announced yet, but is expected to be in the next year or so.


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