Sony's Tokyo Game Show Plans Don't Include a Press Conference

Sony has laid out its plans for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and those plans don’t seem to include a press conference before or during the show. Scheduled to take place from September 12th to September 15th, the Tokyo-based event will play host to some of the biggest names in gaming with Sony being among those who have a presence there. While it’ll have a booth for attendees to play games and a series of live events streamed throughout the event, it looks like PlayStation fans shouldn’t expect a full-on conference.

Plans for Sony’s appearance at Tokyo Game Show were outlined on the Japanese PlayStation site and the region’s PlayStation Blog (via Gematsu). With some of the event’s days devoted to press and other individuals in the industry while the rest will be open to the public, Sony is giving attendees several chances to preview its upcoming releases. Found at the PlayStation booth will be demos of upcoming games like Nioh 2 and the Final Fantasy VII Remake, both of which are highly anticipated games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will also be present in the form of a demo as well as a competitive event attendees can watch. Virtual reality games such as Marvel’s Iron Man will also be playable.

For those who aren’t attending the show and will miss out on these games, you’ll be able to keep up with Sony’s announcements and programs through an ongoing show that’ll be streamed live throughout the event. Gameplay from upcoming games will be featured then, so there’s a good chance viewers will hear news of some reveals during those streams along with the new gameplay.

Sony’s decision to not hold a pre-show press conference is a deviation from what’s been seen in previous years, but it’s not wholly unexpected given the company’s most recent record of participation during these events. Pulling out of E3 for 2019 was the biggest shock from Sony after the company announced that it wouldn’t be there at the massive expo, so not having a press conference at Tokyo Game Show seems tame by comparison.

Sony will be joined by other publishers and developers spending time at Tokyo Game Show including Capcom, a company which has some exciting Resident Evil news on the horizon. Teasers and leaked images have previewed what looks to be some sort of co-op Resident Evil experience, but we’ll have to wait until the scheduled reveal date to see what it is.