Soulja Boy Is Back With A New Console That Looks A Lot Like The PlayStation Vita

Two weeks ago, DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy, pulled his 'new' gaming consoles [...]

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Two weeks ago, DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy, pulled his "new" gaming consoles from his storefront that contained unauthorized ROMs, and that reportedly attracted Nintendo who was looking into legal action for violation of the Trademark Counterfeiting Act.

But if you thought this meant Soulja Boy was done selling video games consoles: you were wrong. The rapper and entrepreneur has updated his storefront with a new handheld console dubbed "SouljaGame Handheld." And surprise, surprise, it looks just like Sony's PlayStation Vita.

(Photo: Souljawatch)
souljawatch 2
(Photo: SouljaWatch)

According to the console's listing, the handheld features "exquisite craftsmanship and fashion design," you know, the type that looks like it came out of a Sony warehouse a few years ago.

Priced at $200, "a reasonable price," the SouljaWatch Handheld features a built-in camera for photo and video, TV output for gaming and movies, PC camera support, and a 4:3 inch 16:9 HD screen with 480x272 resolution. It also is said to pack "multi-thread task mode," meaning you can listen to music, while you read an e-book or two. Did I mention it's only $200?!?

It does more though. The product description also reveals it supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PNG (????), stereo sound speakers, practical functions (calculator, stopwatch, calender, etc.), a sleep shutdown timer, and a high-definition microphone.

It's made out of plastic and has 8GB of memory. And it's $200. Unless you act now! Because at the moment of publishing, it's only $99. That's 50 percent off for a PlayStation Vi- ... I mean SouljaGame Handheld.

Or you could buy it for $30 on other websites. But you really shouldn't buy it at all. You may not be able to get a new PlayStation Vita anymore, but this isn't the answer. Get a PSP from a local retro video game store or something.

How long the SouljaGame Handheld will last, who knows. It's almost certainly not legal, but whether Sony will bother to do something about it, I'm not sure. It's not as bullish about shutting these type of things down as Nintendo, but maybe it has beef with Soulja Boy, I don't know.

Thanks, MP1ST.