Soulja Boy Deletes Homophobic Tweets Made During Beef With Nintendo

Earlier today Soulja Boy took to Twitter to unleash a tirade about Nintendo and haters of his new [...]

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Earlier today Soulja Boy took to Twitter to unleash a tirade about Nintendo and haters of his new consoles that included homophobic remarks. But before Nintendo had the chance to fire back with some Ja-Rule level heat, the rapper deleted the tweets. But of course, not before they were screenshotted.

DeAndre 'Soulja Boy' Cortez is an American rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur who rose to prominence with 2007's massive hit, Crank That. And recently the 28 year old has been making the headlines in the video game world with the launch of some new consoles (and even the announcement of a new esports organization).

Not long after the consoles went on sale via Soulja Boy's personal website, a report surfaced that revealed Nintendo was unsurprisingly going after the rapper, which was to be expected, after all, Soulja Boy's consoles are blatant knock-offs and the Soulja Boy Mini specifically violates the Trademark Counterfeiting Act, and is likely what got the attention of Nintendo.

That said, Soulja Boy took to twitter to address all of this and more via some now deleted tweets.

"I'm not scared of Nintendo or none of u f***ot nerds making YouTube videos eat a dick and thanks for the free promo," read one tweet.

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(Photo: Soulja Boy via Metro)

While the aforementioned report claims that Nintendo have contacted Soulja Boy and threatened legal action over the consoles, there's been zero lawsuits filed by Nintendo or any other companies, at least at the moment of publishing this.

As you may know, emulators -- which Soulja Boy's new consoles basically are -- are quite common and quite obtainable. And Nintendo has long been the most aggressive in shutting them down among the major platform holders, and it seems like it isn't making any exception for Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy has yet to comment on the deleted tweets, but he's back on the social media platform tweeting like nothing ever happened. Likewise, Nintendo has also yet to comment on the situation or the consoles in general.

Thanks, Metro.