New 'Spider-Man' PS4 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Epic Supervillain Roster

New Spider-Man PS4 footage is finally here, and it was well worth the wait. After enduring months [...]

New Spider-Man PS4 footage is finally here, and it was well worth the wait. After enduring months of footage drought, Sony and Insomniac Games dropped the bomb today during the Sony's E3 2018 Showcase. Check it out above, and get excited!

Not only did we get a ton of new gameplay footage, which looks amazing, we also got our first look at some never before seen villains! Now we know that Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture will be joining Kingpin, Mr. Negative, and Shocker in Spider-Man's expanding roster of villains.

At the end of the trailer we see everyone pause. Right as Spider-Man is about to meet his demise at the hands of his foes, the whole lot of them are stunned by a brilliant white light. No one believes what they're seeing, and even Spidey himself is taken by surprise. What is this bright light, or better, who is this bright light? Were they teasing a brand new hero?

We know the Miles Morales will be a character in the game, but so far no word on whether or not he'll dawn a suit. Could we see an alternate Spidey hit the scene? We just saw Spider-Gwen show up in a huge Spider-Man movie trailer, could we see her show up to save Peter Parker We have so many questions!

Spider-Man will be swinging onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on September 7, and we haven't been this excited about superhero video game since the conclusion of the Batman Arkham trilogy. Insomniac Games has done right by its legacy, and offered us not only one of the most authentic Spider-Man experiences a nerd can enjoy outside of the comics, but also one of the best PlayStation gaming experiences. This is one exclusive we know will push PS4 and PS4 Pro tech to its limits.

Stay tuned! We'll have so much more Spider-Man PS4 coverage for you leading up to its launch. More gameplay, Easter eggs, alternate costumes, and character details are on the way in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, don't bottle up that hype; let it out! Let us know in the comments below what you think of Spider-Man and what you're looking forward to the most. We'd love to hear from you and nerd out with you, so we'll see you in the comments.