This Spider-Man PS4 Cosplayer Nails the Velocity Suit

A cosplay of the Velocity Suit found in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has caught the attention of [...]

A cosplay of the Velocity Suit found in Insomniac Games' Spider-Man has caught the attention of the developers due to how incredible the recreation is.

The Velocity Suit is a new outfit for Spider-Man that's available as one of the PlayStation 4 games' preorder bonuses, a suit that was revealed last month during San Diego Comic-Con. It was created specifically for the game by costume designer Adi Granov, and while that game's the only place that it's been seen so far, someone's brought it to life now as a full-size outfit.

An image of the stunning cosplay was first shared to Reddit with a user posting an image of his Velocity Suit while showing off the front and back of the electrifying outfit. That image caught the attention of Marvel Games senior producer Eric Monacelli who's serving as the project lead for Spider-Man. Monacelli shared the image on Twitter while linking back to the Reddit thread, a tweet that was eventually picked up by Insomniac Games who retweeted it while praising the creation.

While the creator of the suit wasn't known on Reddit outside of his username, the tweets eventually led to credit being given to the suit's wearer and designer, as well as the company that put it all together. The suit was designed by the person wearing it, Brandon Gilbert, before it was sent off to Zentai Zone to bring the design to life.

Gilbert gave obtaining a Collector's Edition of the game a shot after his cosplay was noticed, a special version of the game that's been notoriously hard to acquire if you missed the first wave of orders. The thread didn't continue beyond that, but hopefully Monacelli or Insomniac can help hook the cosplayer up.

While you can get the Velocity Suit in real life by designing your creation and dropping some money on it, you'll only get the Velocity Suit by preordering the game. It's the third suit that's been revealed as a preorder bonus, the other two being the Iron Spider and Spider-Punk costumes.

Spider-Man launches on the PS4 on Sept. 7.