Spider-Man PS4 Physical Copies Can Be Pre-Ordered On Amazon, But There’s Something Missing

You’re probably aware at this point that Amazon has concluded its Amazon Prime-themed rewards [...]


You're probably aware at this point that Amazon has concluded its Amazon Prime-themed rewards program that provided 20 percent off of pre-order prices on select games. There is another that gives a $10 credit towards a future purchase, but some fans are feeling burned that they couldn't get the discount with select titles -- including one that mysteriously reappeared on the service.

Spider-Man, Insomniac Games' forthcoming PlayStation 4 adventure, wasn't available to pre-order when the discount was making the rounds on the shopping website. But now that it's gone away, the game is ready to be pre-ordered in physical format. That said, you do get the $10 credit towards a future purchase, so you get something back for your trouble.

With Prime service, you're still guaranteed to get the game on the day that it launches, so the service continues to be expedient. However, we can't help but wonder if the physical version was being withheld on purpose so that players couldn't get their hands on the web-slinger's latest adventure for a lower price.

Also keep in mind that the game will also include all of its pre-order bonuses if you do purchase it. Digital codes also appear to be available, just as they were before...just without that 20 percent discount, since it wasn't really applied to digital purchases.

Amazon hasn't gotten back to us yet via email to explain what was going on, but there's a slight possibility that this could have been a Sony decision, in the hopes of getting full purchase price on the game. We still get what we paid for, but this is probably one of those inquiries we won't get an answer back for.

Nevertheless, you still get the game and the $10 credit for next time, which can be applied towards a pre-order. So you still save something while you're saving New York.

Spider-Man releases on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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