Spider-Man PS4 Story Trailer Reveals Silver Sable

This afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel and Insomniac Games revealed an incredible new trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man, which is slated to hit PS4 on September 7. In this new trailer we get our first look at some brand new characters, including the dangerous Silver Sable! Check it out above!

Osborn looks like he has Silver Sable and a team of mercenaries under his thumb, but we have a feeling that's not going to last long. We understand that Osborn is running for an unprecedented third term as mayor, and in order to cut down the rapidly rising crime rates, he's going to militaristic extremes and taking matters into his own hands. Silver Sable appears to be his last hope. How long until she turns on him?

Silver Sable is one of the more mysterious characters in Spider-Man lore, and is most often viewed as a kind of anti-hero. She serves her own ideals of justice, and dishes it out however she sees fit. This could very well make her an adversary to Spidey at various points of the game, though we'd love to see them team up. In the trailer it definitely looks like they'll be facing off more than they'll be joining forces, though it's hard to tell exactly who Sable is truly working for. Knowing what we know, she's probably working for herself.

In case you missed it, yesterday we also got a brand new online edition of The Daily Bugle, which you can read for yourself right here. Issue 2 of the Bugle gives us some gorgeous new photos of Spider-Man and Rhino, and it also gives us a few hints at a new villain coming to the game. Actually, it's a classic villain. Reports of NY citizens being transformed into monsters after ingesting a dangerous new street drug known as "Grave Dust" has us thinking that Carrion could be on the way, though the rest of the world thinks that Grave Dust is hinting at the return of Tombstone. More on that here.

The Bugle also gave us a gorgeous first look at Spider-Man's "classic" costume. This was the firs time we saw Spidey wearing his original costume with the classic black spider, as opposed to the newer "white spider" suit we've seen in all of the footage so far. This marks the sixth costume we've seen for the game so far. Check out the newly revealed classic costume in our wrap-up here.


Marvel's Spider-Man swings onto PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro on September 7! We'll have all of the latest updates, trailers, and rumors for your right here, so stay tuned!